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Hebrew girl names The table below contains the most popular Hebrew names that have been given to baby girls in the United States during the last hundred years (1905 through 2004).  Many of these names are found in the Old Testament.  The rank and count values are based on U.S. Social Security Administration counts for the one thousand most popular names given to baby girls in each of these years.  This list and other similar tables on this site can help you find and research the history, derivation, and meaning of many popular and unusual ethnic names for your baby girl!
Hebrew Girl Name Meanings and Popularity
Name Derivation or Meaning Rank Usage
Elizabeth means God has sworn. 1 1,411,861
Jessica is a feminine form of Jesse. 2 997,447
Sarah means princess. 3 942,949
Ruth means friend. 4 749,333
Deborah means bee. 5 734,951
Sharon means plain. 6 716,036
Rebecca means fettering by beauty. 7 706,756
Anna means grace. 8 684,206
Rachel means ewe. 9 512,625
Ann means grace. 10 453,496
Judith means Jewess. 11 446,638
Sara means princess. 12 378,937
Hannah means favored. 13 307,139
Anne means grace. 14 304,194
Abigail means source of joy. 15 178,438
Leah means wild cow. 16 145,450
Tamara means palm tree. 17 126,587
Naomi means pleasant. 18 110,021
Jordan is derived from the name of a river in the Middle East. 19 103,721
Miriam is a variation of Mary. 20 90,500
Bethany means house of figs. 21 83,749
Rachael is a variation of Rachel. 22 75,586
Rebekah is a variation of Rebecca. 23 61,350
Ada means ornament. 24 59,489
Beulah means married. 25 57,411
Ariel means lion of God. 26 42,744
Elisabeth means God has sworn. 27 37,907
Maya means water. 28 36,098
Rena means melody. 29 31,205
Debora means bee. 30 26,099
Dina means judged. 31 25,525
Eve means life or living. 32 14,953
Sharron means plain. 33 14,896
Arielle is a feminine form of Ariel. 34 14,618
Susanna means lily. 35 14,140
Talia is a feminine form of Tal. 36 13,516
Aliyah means to ascend. 37 11,826
Eden means place of pleasure. 38 8,290
Eliana means my God has answered. 39 6,397
Sarai means contentious. 40 6,312
Dinah means judged. 41 5,818
Amari means eternal. 42 4,701
Toby means God is good. 43 2,905
Samara means watch mountain. 44 2,873
Susannah means lily. 45 1,497
Actual usage of Hebrew names shown on this page may be slightly higher than the indicated usage values.  Of course some of these names are widely used for girls in Israel as well!  See the Social Security card applications information for qualifiers about this data.

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