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Irish girl names The table below contains the most popular Irish names and Gaelic-origin names that have been given to baby girls in the USA during the last hundred years (1905 through 2004).  The rank and count values are based on U.S. Social Security Administration counts for the one thousand most popular names given to baby girls in each of these years.  This list and other similar tables on this site can help you find and research the history, derivation, and meaning of many popular and unusual ethnic names for your baby girl!
Irish Girl Name Meanings and Popularity
Name Derivation or Meaning Rank Usage
Kathleen is a variation of Catherine. 1 700,284
Kelly is of unknown meaning. 2 456,037
Erin is a variation of Eireann. 3 290,147
Shannon is derived from the name of the longest river in Ireland. 4 288,145
Sheila is a variation of Cecilia. 5 235,242
Eileen means shining or bright. 6 180,086
Colleen means girl. 7 159,504
Caitlin is an alternate form of Katherine. 8 97,943
Mackenzie means handsome. 9 71,162
Kerry is derived from the name of a county in Ireland. 10 46,765
Doreen means gloomy. 11 44,153
Mona means noble. 12 40,449
Caitlyn is a variation of Caitlin. 13 37,950
Cassidy means curly haired. 14 36,869
Lesley is a variation of Leslie. 15 30,925
Myrna means beloved. 16 29,255
Cathleen is a variation of Catherine. 17 27,444
Leanne means flowering vine. 18 26,177
Aileen is a variation of Eileen. 19 25,979
Ciara is a feminine form of Ciaran. 20 22,036
Kennedy means armoured head. 21 21,204
Noreen is a diminutive form of Nora. 22 17,591
Mckenna means son of Cionaodh. 23 16,775
Ryan means little king. 24 14,812
Deirdre means fear or anger. 25 14,622
Devin may be derived from a surname. 26 14,277
Reagan means little king. 27 12,611
Kiera is an alternate form of Ciara. 28 9,316
Fiona means vine. 29 6,930
Actual usage of Irish names shown on this page may be slightly higher than the indicated usage values.  Of course these names are widely used for girls in Ireland as well!  See the Social Security card applications information for qualifiers about this data.

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